Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Own Podcast Awards!

Since I (1) listen to a lot of podcasts, and (2) have a blog, I believe I am qualified to talk about my favorites podcasts of 2012.

Favorite Podcast That I Have Been On
Runners-Up: The Fantasticast (via email comments), Spirit Blade Underground (via audio book reviews)
Winner: The Book Guys Show, which I started co-hosting in late Spring

Favorite Overall Podcast
Runners-Up: No Agenda, Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe
Winner: The Tolkien Professor, which did an excellent job producing a wide range of excellent shows in the run-up to the release of The Hobbit movie.

Best Produced Podcast
Runners-Up: No Agenda, SQPN: The Break
Winner: Spirit Blade Underground, the excellent podcast by Paeter Frandsen, that is an original mix of movie reviews, video game talk, original audio drama, and Bible study.

Best New Podcast of 2012
Runners-Up: The France Project (reviewed here), From Darkness to Light Online
Winner: Just One Of The Guys, in which Shawn Engel does a great job reviewing the adventures of Green Lantern in the 1990s, focusing mostly on the character of Guy Gardner.

Gonna Miss You Award, for a show that ended in 2012.
Runners-up: The Jen & Dave Show, The Babylon Podcast (discussed here)
Winner: The Katia & KylieMac Show. So sad to see this show go away, after almost 500 excellent episodes.

Just-Almost-Dead Award, for shows that are on a, shall we say, intermittent release schedule.
Runners-up: The Saint Cast (3 episodes), Geeks On! (10 episodes)
Winner: Super Future Friends, the funniest long-form comic book podcast around. The ladies only released 1 episode in 2012, after doing 2 in 2011 and 6 in 2010. I sense a disturbing trend in these numbers.


  1. Better runner up than not mentioned at all. Thanks so much, Alan :-)

  2. I listen to TONS of podcasts, Stephanie! 2nd place is pretty darn good!