Saturday, January 19, 2013

Podcast marathon

Yesterday I was working out of my home, with plenty of time to listen to podcasts. Here is what I listened to:

Book Guys, episode 63. OK, I am a co-host on this one, and I admit I kinda skimmed through it, having been there when it was recored and all.

Thrilling Adventures of Superman, episode 65. Michael Bradley tackles every golden-age appearance of the Man of Steel. This episode covered Action Comics #27.

Tony Kornheiser Show. A sports show originally broadcast friday on local radio in Washington, DC.

Just One Of The Guys, episode 49. Host Shawn Engel did another excellent job talking about Green Lantern comics, especially Guy Gardner's nineties-testic new outfit. And he said nice things about this blog!

The Social Hour, episode 94. From Leo Laporte's TWiT network, this show is Sarah Lane and Amber MacArthur talking about social media. This episode had an interesting interview with the head of social media for the Maersk cargo shipping line. For such a non-social sounding type of company, they are very active (and successful) in social media space.

The Tolkien Professor. In the first episode of the "Riddles in the Dark" part of the feed for 2013, this show began the speculation of what would be done with the character of Beorn in the next Hobbit movie.

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