Monday, January 21, 2013

20-Minute Longbox is Back!

Making an early run for the coveted "Back From The Dead Award," Stephen Lacey has released a new episode (#27) of the excellent 20-Minute Longbox podcast, after a 5-month hiatus. The "hook" of this show is that Steve uses a randomizer to select a comic from his collection, and then reviews it in less than 20 minutes.

I enjoy having podcasts of different lengths on my iPod, including nice bite-sized episodes like the ones that come down this feed. With both Thomas Deja and Tom Katers greatly reducing (or ceasing) the production of their comic book shows, 20-Minute Longbox is one of the few comics shows I listen to that fits into this short-form category.

Steve's target in episode 27 was Supergirl #48, written by Sterling Gates and drawn by Fernando Dagnino. The villain was Silver Banshee, and Steve liked the issue well enough. I was glad to have a new episode of this show, and hope that there are many more to come in 2013. I understand that Steve's other projects, including the excellent long-form show The Fantasticast (reviewed here), keep him busy. But I do hope that he is able to produce 20-Minute Longbox episodes on a regular basis -- or at least without another 5-month break!

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