Saturday, January 23, 2021

This Week in Reading

Adventure Comics 463
All-Star Squadron 1
Barry M Goldwater
Batman: Tenses, Books 1 & 2
Challengers of the Unknown 1 – 8  
Doctor Doom 10
Gods & Gears 3 & 4
Karate Kid 14 & 15
Merrick #11
The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack #2
Richie Rich Riches 37 & 49
Spider-Man 6 – 10, & 12
Tony Stark Iron Man 1 – 9
X-Men Unlimited #1
Red, White, & Blood, by Christopher Farnsworth, COMPLETED.
Doctor Who: Hunter’s Moon, by Paul Finch, COMPLETED.  
Sense of Obligation (Planet of the Damned), by Harry Harrison, COMPLETED.
Moon Over Soho, by Ben Aaronovitch, pages 1 – 57.       

Saturday, January 16, 2021

This Week in Reading

All-New Collectors’ Edition C-59
Amazing Spider-Man 19 – 24
Batman 452
Blade Runner 2019: 1 – 12
Bust 1 – 3 
Dagger Dagger OGN
Detective Comics 400 & 826
Doctor Who Magazine: 11th Doctor Special: 1 & 3
Hawkman 35
Head Lopper 4
Marvel mini-comics: Captain America, Care Bears, Heathcliff
The Original Dick Tracy #1
Prince Valiant #1
Supergirl 9                                                                                         
Valley of the Dinosaurs 9
Red, White, & Blood, by Christopher Farnsworth, pages 115 – 290.
Doctor Who: Hunter’s Moon, by Paul Finch, pages 54 – 161.  
Sense of Obligation (Planet of the Damned)
, by Harry Harrison, pages 1 – 63.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

My Annual Podcast Awards!!!

Since I (1) listen to a lot of podcasts, and (2) have a blog, I believe I am qualified to talk about my favorites podcasts of 2020. Or at least as qualified as any other organization or person giving awards to podcasts!

Favorite Podcast That I Guested On In 2020

Runners-Up: Back to the Bins, Batgirl to Oracle: A Barbara Gordon Podcast, Count Dante's Black Dragon Society, Earth Destruction Directive, Fan Film Fridays, Robin: Everyone Loves the Drake.
Winner: Views from the Longbox.   I joined Podcasting's Michael Bailey to talk about one of my all-time favorite comic book series, 100 Bullets. 

Best Produced Podcast
Runners-Up: The Classic Tales Podcast, No Agenda, Prairie Justice, SuperSonic Pod Comics.
Winner: Ocagecagonagon Theater Works. A new full-cast adaptation of Terry Moore's comic book series "Strangers in Paradise." Very well done. 

Off Into the Sunset Award, for a show that wrapped up its mission in (or around) 2020, and rode off victoriously into the sunset.
Runners-Up: A Christian Gaming Podcast, Trentus Magnus Punches Reality, Waiting for Doom.
Winner: Justice's First Dawn. Mike Peacock did an excellent job for a number of years covering Justice League of America stories from the Bronze Age.  

Where Have You Been All My Life? Award, for a show that started before 2019, but that I didn't start listening to (or even heard of, in some cases) until 2020.
Runners-Up: The Arseblog Arsecast, The Fifth Column, The Glenn Show, More Than A Song, Sports Spectrum.
Winner: Walk-ins Welcome. Bridget Phetasy is a fascinating person with a fascinating life story. She brings all of that to this interview show, whether the topic is politics, addiction, or personal betterment. One of the rare shows that can be legitimately surprising in where it goes, and what topics it covers.  

Podfaded But Not Forgotten Award, for a show that ended (or maybe seems to have ended) in 2020, and it's hard to know if or when it's coming back.
Runners-up: Gothamites Anonymous, Lords of Order, Two Geek Soup, Vineyard Justice Network.
Winner: DC 50 Years Ago. I truly hope that Mike Staley is able to return one day to this podcast. A great concept, and I hear that the "lost episode" was especially amazing.

Back From The Dead Award, for shows that seemed to maybe have been dead, but released at least one episode in 2020!
Runners-up: The Babylon Podcast, The Jen and Dave Show.
Winner: The Superman Fan Podcast. I was worried that Billy Hogan would not be returning to this show, but after a hiatus, he did come back, and continues to produce excellent episodes.

And now on to the two most prestigious awards ...

Favorite New Podcast of 2020
Runners-Up: A World on Fire, Annie and Eddie Keep Talking, The Foreword, The In Between, Prairie Justice, The Sacramental Charismatic.

Winner: What the Frell. Super-fan Nathaniel Wayne and newbie Jessie Gender do a rewatch / first watch of the excellent Sci-Fi TV series Farscape. Weekly episodes run about 30-40 minutes, and do an excellent job discussing the show, the characters, and the world of Farscape.

and ......

Favorite Overall Podcast of 2020
Runners-Up: Earth Destruction Directive, The Editors, Marks Mess, The Tolkien Professor.

Winner: The Arsenal Vision Post-Match Podcast. It was a year of drama for my favorite English football club, and the team on this show walked me through all of the downs and ups and downs that was the soccer scene of 2020.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

This Week in Reading

Batman & the Outsiders 5
Clone Conspiracy 1 – 5, & Omega
Dead End Kids #1
Flintstones 23
Forgotten Realms 14 – 25  
Giant-Size Avengers 5
Jughead 170, 177, 188, 192, & 237
Justice League United 1
Marvel Team-Up 43 & 50
Planet Comics #1
Silk 14 – 17
Wonder Woman 232 & 241
Wonder Woman (vol 2) 9
Red, White, & Blood, by Christopher Farnsworth, pages 1 – 115. 
Doctor Who: Hunter’s Moon, by Paul Finch, pages 1 – 54.  
The Story of Christianity, volume 1
, by Justo Gonz├ílez, pages 225 – 233.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Reading Analysis 2020

I have been keeping track of my annual reading for more than 10 years now. In 2020, I read 76 books, up from the  65 from last year. In 2018, I read 54, and in 2017, I read 56, which compares to 49 in 2016, 50 in 2015, 55 in 2014, 66 in 2013, 75 in 2012, 84 in 2011, 73 in 2010, 80 in 2009, 110 in 2008, and around 140-150 in the few years before that.

This decrease from the mid-2000s is because I listen to an absolute ton of podcasts, which cuts into my reading (and audiobook listening) time. I have also stopped counting graphic novels and comic book collections, after I started listed them weekly on this site, and preparing the monthly Comic Reading Journal episodes. I hope that I can again read 60+ books in 2021, which seems an achievable goal.

I have always been a fan of audio, and 42 of the 76 books I consumed this year were via unabridged audio. 26 were traditional dead-tree books, and another 8 were those newfangled digital e-books.

The 60 novels I read break down as follows: (note that the total exceeds 60, as many books fit into more than one category)
Mystery/Thriller -- 23
SF -- 20
Religious/Christian -- 10
Young Adult -- 10
Fantasy -- 4
Historical -- 3

The 16 non-fiction works I read break down as follows: (note that the total exceeds 16, as many books fit into more than one category)
Christian/Theology -- 7
Memoir/Biography -- 6
The Arts -- 4
Business -- 3
History/Politics -- 2
Sports/Entertainment -- 2

Friday, January 1, 2021

This Week in Reading

Amazing Spider-Man 14, 16, 224, 225, & 479
Archie’s Girls Betty & Veronica 7, 15, 17, 18, 21, & 68
Going to the Chapel #1
Lad: The Homecoming #1
Marvel Tales 45
The Prowler 1 – 5
The Spirit: The New Adventures 1 – 3
Star Trek: New Visions 15 – 17 
Superboy & the Legion of Super-Heroes 235
Walt Disney’s Donald Duck 278
Wonder Woman 9 (volume 1)
Wonder Woman 75 – 83, Annual 3
The Stochastic Man, by Robert Silverberg, COMPLETED.
Quarry’s Ex, by Max Allan Collins, COMPLETED.
The Holy Bible, English Standard and World English Versions, COMPLETED.
The Story of Christianity, volume 1
, by Justo Gonz├ílez, pages 214 – 225.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

This Week in Reading

Archie Giant Magazine 249, 251, 521, & 630
Archie’s Pal Jughead Comics 203
Blood Realm 3
Garfield’s Cheesy Holiday Special
Impulse 21
Jughead & Archie Winter Annual 18
Justice League Europe 12
Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night 1 – 4
Legion of Super-Heroes 100
Pep Digital 176: Archie’s Christmas Tree Trauma
Power & Glory Holiday Special
Superman: Up in the Sky 4 – 6
US 1 # 10
Vessels 1 – 3   
Wonder Woman 218, 226, 249, & 296
X-Men Legacy 1 – 3, 5 – 8
Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds, by Matt Betts, COMPLETED.
The Fountains of Paradise, by Arthur C. Clarke, COMPLETED.
The Stochastic Man, by Robert Silverberg, pages 116 – 173.
Quarry’s Ex, by Max Allan Collins, pages 1 – 37.