Friday, January 4, 2013

Review of 2012 reading goals

I posted these goals a year ago ... included are my current comments on how well I did accomplishing them. The main lesson: don't post goals. Or if you do, look at them once in a while during the year.
Keep up with DC's New 52 series Demon Knights and All-Star Western in individual isses. And I have heard so many good things about the New 52 Aquaman that I will purchase whatever trade paperbacks of that series that come out in 2012. (I kept up on Demon Knights, and even wrote reviews of All-Star Western and Aquaman, and also Wonder Woman and Animal Man. I anticipate writing New 52 reviews this year of Catwoman, Frankenstein, I Vampire, Supergirl, and perhaps more.)

Finish Y: The Last Man. I have read the first 48 of the 60 issues. (Reviewed here)

Via the Daily Audio Bible podcast, listen to the entire Bible. (I do this every other year or so. This is my third time through the Bible, via the DAB podcast.)

Not so Accomplished:
Finish the Belgariad series by David Eddings. I am currently reading book 4 of the 5-book series. (Finished 4. Never got to 5.)

Read 2 Terry Goodkind novels with my daughter. We are making our way through his Sword of Truth series, and are currently just at the beginning of Faith of the Fallen. (about 25% through Faith of the Fallen. Still on my to-do list)

Read the first volume of Aquinas' Summa Theologica. I have it on my Nook. (not very far at all.)

Finish up (2 more books) of Karen Kingsbury's Above the Line series. I liked Book 1 well enough, but thought that Book 2 was a step back. Nonetheless, I expect to knock out Books 3 & 4 this year. (nope)

Read another book (or 2) in the YA Redwall series. (nope)

Finish the 40+ issues of the Doom 2099 comic book series. I have read through issue 7. (up to #22)

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