Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wrapping Up

 The TV show Babylon 5 lasted 110 episodes. Counting the TV movies and the short-lived spinoff series "Crusade," the show may have accounted for 130 hours of entertainment. The longest-lived podcast covering the show is wrapping up soon, after delivering twice that amount of entertainment.

The Babylon Podcast, produced through Farpoint Media, and hosted by Summer Brooks, Tim Callendar, and (for the first few years) Jeffery Willerth, began in early 2006. They maintained a consistent production schedule since then, working in a range of cast and crew interviews in between episode discussions and listener feedback episodes.
After finishing up their discussion of all the episodes and related video, the team moved into coverage the last calendar year of related items, such as B5 novels,  games, comic books, and merchandise. Their most recent episode, #279, was their final feedback show. They promise that the last episode will be full of highlights, fun, and excitement.
Pod-fading bums me out. When a show just disappears, with no official final episode, but just stops producing new episodes, it saddens me. But like the TV show it is about, the Babylon Podcast is preparing to end its run right on schedule.
The hosts promise that the old podcast episodes will continue to be available on their website. If you are contemplating a re-watch (or a first watch) of B5, consider doing so with the Babylon Podcast  as accompaniment.

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