Monday, January 31, 2011

Podcasts I'm Caught Up On

There are many ways of categorizing podcasts. ITunes, for example, has sixteen. But to me, there are two important categories: ones I am caught up on, and ones I am not caught up on. And a third, I suppose, ones that have either podfaded or that I have otherwise dropped, but I'm only worried about the first two categories now.

There are many facts in determining which category a podcast falls into, including how recently I discovered the podcast, how old the podcast is, and whether the podcast covers current events.

Ones I am currently current on include:

Adam Carolla Podcast
Amazing Spider-Man Classics
Build the Church
Chaos Chronicles
Daves of Thunder
DJs Comics Cavalcade
Doom Podtrol
From Crisis to Crisis
Golden Age Superman
Grammar Girl
Hypothetical Help
I Should Be Writing
Inside Worship
More Than One Lesson
No Agenda
Satellite Sisters
Spirit Blade Underground
SQPN: The Break
Super Future Friends
Tech News Today
This Week in Tech
Waves of Tech
Writing Excuses

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