Monday, January 10, 2011

Book #1

God of the Hive, by Laurie R. King. Unabridged Audio.

Among the first "grown-up" stories I remember reading as a young person were the Sherlock Holmes stories, and the singe-volume Complete Sherlock Holmes has been in my possession for more than three decades now. We've given away plenty of books over the years, but this one has followed me everywhere I've gone.

I have dipped my toes into a few "extended universe" Holmes works, but this series by King is the one I've ejoyed the most. Focusing on an older Holmes and his young wife/protege Mary Russell, the series has developed into an enjoyable character study. Holmes is not the main character, as they are told from Russell's POV, and they are separated for much of the novel, but King extrapolates an older Holmes that is believable.

This latest entry in the series is not the strongest of the series, but it was a satisfying read.

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