Friday, January 28, 2011

Book #5

Victory of Eagles, by Naomi Novik. Unabridged audio.

This is probably my favorite ongoing series of novels. Each one is terrific; Five novels so far, each pushing the story logically forwards, and not a clunker among the bunch.

This is Novik's fifth Temeraire novel. These are historical novels that take place during the Napoleonic Wars, an era that is ripe for excellent tales -- I read the Horatio Hornblower novels as teen. The only little minor change that Novik makes to the historical world is that there are dragons. There is not magic, and I don't think I'd call these fantasy novels exactly. There are just an additonal type of animal in the world; Oh, and the dragons can talk.

This picks up the story after Temeraire's adventures in Africa, and her captain Will Laurance stands guilty of treason, for his actions in Book 4. There is a touch of redemption in this book, but the character arc that Laurence goes on is not that simple. Nor is the one that Temeraire is on.

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