Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book #4

Our Kind of Traitor, by John LeCarre. Unabridged audio.

I admit that I skipped a few of LeCarre's books from the 2000s, after reading all of his first 15 or so novels. But the reviews for this one were strong enough to bring me back to this veteran author. This one is more of a straight espionage story, as opposed to the more political works he put out in the last decade.

The plot of this one revolves around planning the defection of the self-proclaimed "#1 money launderer in Russia" and his family to the UK, and the innocents who get swept up in this event. There is relationships, vacations, tennis, children, finance, and all the action you would want from a top-notch thriller.

The book was shorter than some of LeCarre's more recent works, and this 10-20% trimming keeps the book moving at a nice pace.

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