Saturday, July 2, 2011

Book #42

Against All Enemies, by Tom Clancy, with Peter Telep. Unabridged audio.

As I wrote a few books back, Tom Clancy has begun the common practice of "franchising" his books, cranking them out frequently, with co-authors. What role Clancy played in this book, if any, is hard to tell, as it lacked some of the tight scripting and character development that Clancy's prior books have had.

The book does not seem to take place in the "Ryan-verse," as I recognized to characters from prior Clancy works. The plot follows Maxwell Moore, a former Navy SEAL and current CIA operative, as he works to bring down a Mexical drug cartel. The cartel is being squeezed by Middle East terrorists, who want to use their border tunnel to smuggle weapons and personnel into the US. After that, there are explosions, attacks, gunfire, and all the trappings of a modern spy thriller.

I may have to be more selective of Clancy's books in the future, and not "have to" read every new offering he (and his co-authors) put out.

By the way, Steven Weber did an excellent job with the audio performance.

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