Thursday, July 7, 2011

Road-Trip Podcasts

I am going on family vacation tomorrow for 9 days, and am not sure what wi-fi access I will have available to load new podcasts. So I filled up the podcast, and here is some of what I put on, in addition to the 1-and-a-half audiobooks that are on there:

The Jen & Dave Show-- the latest 3 episodes
Satellite Sistes -- the latest 2 episodes
Battleship Pretension -- 10 episodes from last summer ... still behind, but slowly catching up.
The Babylon Podcast -- the latest 5 episodes. Bummed that Father Roderick's new The Secrets of Babylon 5 has not hit iTunes yet.
2099 Bitmapped -- latest 5 episodes of a new comic book podcast.
Tom vs. The Flash -- 15 episodes.
St. Irenaeus Ministries -- 8 episodes, teaching on the Gospel of Matthew.
Miscellaneous episodes here and there from Escape Pod, Podcastle, Comic Book Noise, and a few others.

Looking forward to good vacation time, and good listening time.

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