Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I enjoy reading. I enjoy listening to podcasts. In a previous post, I discussed one combination of those interests, shorts stories and novels available via podcasts. In this post, I will look at another combination of those interests, podcasts about books.

A few of these relate to specific book properties, and a few are more general.

A Podcast of Ice and Fire. Dedicated to the George RR Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, with episodes focusing on particular elements of the books, and also on an an ongoing re-read project. They did turn their attention to the HBO series based on the books ("A Game of Thrones") while it was airing, but they have since returned to discussing books. They are currently at the early stages of talking about Book #2, although the recently released Book #5 will be occupying their attention. Similar to the book series and the TV show, know that the podcast itself "can get quite base at times."

The Seeker Cast. Dedicated to the TV show "Legend of the Seeker," based on Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" fantasy series -- my favorite book series ever. Now that the TV show is done, the hosts have begun a re-read project of the books. The podcast episodes currently alternate between book re-read episodes and TV re-watch episodes. I have contributed feedback to the show a few times.

Paul the Book Guy. A new podcast, only 4 episodes in at this point. But the related blog is very well-developed, so I have confidence that the podcast will continue. They talk book news, review books and play clips from audio books (yay!). I do a lot of my "reading" via audiobooks, so I appreciate this inclusion. They cover a wide range of literary genres, but do seem to have a geeky bent.

The Sword and Laser. Veteran podcasters Tom Merritt (laser) and Veronica Belmont (sword) discuss fantasy and science fiction books. They have a great rapport, the sound quality is excellent, and they have a well-developed community on Goodreads. In addition to talking book news, they run a book club of sorts, alternating between SF & fantasy books. These selections have included both classic and modern books. They have landed some impressive interviews, as well.

The Dragon Page. Although on a summer hiatus, this is the "granddaddy of them all," stranding at well over 400 episodes. Hosts Michael R. Mennenga and Michael Stackpole do an excellent job discussing book news, including how the digital revolution is changing the industry. They do a regular "library" segment, talking about new fantasy and SF books, as well as having regular author interviews.

Literary Views. This podcast has gone on hiatus, the last show having been released a few months ago, but the blog is ongoing and excellent. The podcast is brief reviews of great books, with a "why you should read this" perspective. The host is a Christian, which informs his worldview, but his faith does not overwhelm his reviews.

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