Friday, June 24, 2011

Book #41

Santa Fe Edge, by Stuart Woods. Unabridged audio.

Ed Eagle is not my favorite of Stuart Woods' characters, but this is the weakest of the books so far in this series. Even the inclusion of a few of Woods' other characters (Teddy Fay and Holly Barker) don't lift the book beyond average.

I am a big fan of cause-and-effect in novels, where what happens follows logically from what has happened before. But this book is full of coincidence and luck (both good and bad) that pushes the plot forward. Too many head-shaking moments for me too be satisfied.

The character of Barbara Eagle is a strength here, although the plot elements surrounding her character were a bit predictable. And the plot threads themselves did not resolve -- none of them did. One character even pionts this out in the last chapter, as if Woods knew what he was trying to pull.


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