Friday, July 22, 2011

Book #48

More, by Simon Ponsonby. Paperback.

As I noted in Book Review #33 , Simon Ponsonby came to our church a few months ago to teach at a Holy Spirit conference. Which is what this book is about.

Ponsonby's main point is that as Christians, we need "more" -- more intimacy, more revelation, more understanding, more anointing, more gifting, and more service. And that this can only come from the Holy Spirit. He is careful to make the theological point that although we have everything in Christ, there is nonetheless "more" that we can have.

Ponsonby weaves in stories from his own uppringing in England and early career as an evangelical and pastor before becoming ordained in the Church of England. He was a chaplain at Oxford before his current position as the pastor of theology at St. Aldates Church. These moments keep the book from becoming just a dry theological tome; despite the occassional discussion of Greek grammar, the book is very readable by the educated layman.

Ponsonby's view of receiving the Holy Spirit is neither the traditional evangelical view of a one-time encounter, nor the standard Pentecostal tradition of a second blessing. He comes from the "third wave" of Holy Spirit theology, taking a view that we are filled at salvation, but need continual filling throughout our lives

Whichever of these views you hold to, you will find comfort and challenge in this book, as the focus is as much on exhortation and Christian living as it is on theology. That is where the challenge comes, the challenge for us to live in the Spirit more, to walk in more of what Christ has provided for us, and to live a more holy life.

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