Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book #44

Freddy and the Ignormus, by Walter R. Brooks. Unabridged audio.

When I was about 10 years old, I read as many of these books as my school library had, many I am sure more than once. Freddy the pig, Jinx the cat, Charles,Mrs. Wiggins, all of the animals on the Bean farm, I loved all their stories. When my family needed an audio book to listen to together on a family trip, and I found this at the library, it was an easy choice.

In this adventure, the old stories of the evil creature in the woods, the Ignormus, seem to maybe be true. The Ignormus, along with his rat minions, terrorize and threaten the Bean animals. Freddy rallies the troops to find the courage to fight back, both against the rats and against the Ignormus.

The sense of adventure, the sense of humor, and the well-told nature of the story make this just a fun book.

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