Friday, April 1, 2011

Book #22

The Drunkard's Walk, by Leonard Mlodinow. Unabridged audio.

A book about mathematics, specifically probability and statistics, might not sound like the most intersting read. But as we've seen from Freakonomics and its many counterparts, books of this nature can be made interesting.

I admit that I am a math guy, and even more particularly a stats guy, so the book may appeal to my particular tastes more than others. I enjoy seeing how math finds its way into the "the real world," and so am intrigued when someone endeavors to demonstrate the practical implications of math. There were moments where the book got a lttle lecture-y and a little slow, but it made intersting and important points about how all aspects of our lives are greatly effected by unforseeable causes.

I enjoy John Allen Paulos' math books slightly more than I did this, though I did find Mlodinow's work an enlightening read.

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