Friday, April 15, 2011

Book #26

Rest in Pieces, by Rita Mae Brown & Sneakie Pie Brown. Unabridged audio.

The first four novels in this series were not available in audio when I started the series, so I never read any of them, and just began with #5. When this one (the 2nd) showed up on the library shelves, I grabbed it.

It was very fun to read about the characters' earlier lives, when some characters had not yet married (or divorvced) and the "stranger" in town is someone I now know as a series regular.

But the strength of this novel was the intricately-plotted story. I haven't thought too much about this next point, but I do notice that ongoing mystery series tend to focus more on character moments as the series progress past book 10 or 15 in the series, as if the plot is just an excuse to get to these character moments, which by then have become well-established. Earlier in series, plot seems to come before character, and habits/patterns have not yet become predictble.

I've checked, and books 1, 3, & 4 are not yet available at my library via audio, but I'll keep looking.

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