Sunday, April 24, 2011

Book #28

True Blue, by David Baldacci. Unabridged audio. Despite having put out a few clunkers in his career, for the most point I enjoy David Baldacci's novels. This one is one of the good ones.

Introducing a new set of characters, True Blue is a thriller that ties in the DC police, government assassins, a framed ex-con heroine, and international intrigue. Recently released from prison "Mace" Perry, the sister of Washington's police chief, jumps into a murder investigation in an attempt to clear her name and get back on the force. But she is quickly in over her head, and perhaps even her sister's connections can't keep her out of trouble when the danger spins out of control.

The character of "Mace" is very well-drawn, and Baldacci gives her strong motivations for her behavior. The sister and other main characters are equally well-drawn, and even the villains are given legitimate motivations other than "being evil." This is not to say that the work is a literary masterpiece, but Baldacci does put out some of the best titles in the mystery/thriller genre.

I also want to add a note particular to the audio production of this book. Though mostly a straight read, there are some sound effects and music cues, just enough to be pleasantly noticeable, but not so much to be annoying.

I assume this is an attempt by Baldacci to launch a new series, and I welcome it. I enjoy his "Camel Club" series, as well as his "King a& Maxwell" series. If there is another book on the way featuring this crew of characters, I'll pick it up.

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