Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Fond Farewell

I don't remember the exact first podcast I ever listened to after getting iPod #1 at Christmas 2008, but among that first batch was the family of podcasts from GeekShow, including their flagship GeekIn' podcast. I downloaded all the available early shows, then started listening along as I got current. There were some ups and downs, the occasional long lag between episodes, and even a change of co-hosts.

And now after six years and 150 episodes, GeekIn has come to an end. The 150th episode was a reunion of sorts, with original co-host Wayne joining Randy & Scott for a review of the show, a discussion of podcasting, and a general celebration of the show.

The GeekShow network has plenty of continuing shows, and another flagship show will be coming down the feed in a few months, but I appreciate them giving this show a "farewell" episode.

When a show just podfades away without notice, that totally bums me out. But when a show has an actual ending, that should be a cause for celebration, albeit a sad one. I would encourage all podcasters to have a "farewell" episode when they are ending a show. As a listener, it gives us a sense of completion.

Thank you, Randy, Wayne, & Scott, for 150 fun episodes.

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