Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review of The Wind in the WIllows

Book #15. The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame. Unabridged audio.

Spring has arrived, and Mole takes a trip to the far side of the river. He meets Rat, and learns from him the way of the river. They disembark near Toad Hall, and pay a visit to the lord of the manor. Toad is rich and jovial, but aimless and in search of adventure. And Toad’s latest fascination is automobiles.

He just can’t resist driving automobiles. And he can’t resist stealing them. We eventually meet Badger, and the along with Rat and Mole, they try to curb Toad’s obsessions with motor vehicles. Crazy shenanigans ensue, including a long sequence in which Toad disguises himself as a washerwoman.

This is a delightful story, legitimately considered a children’s classic/ Although it is more than one hundred years old, there is nothing about the action or language that makes the work seem outdated.

Source: TheClassic Tales Podcast. Narrator B.J. Harrison does a good job, as always, bringing to life this menagerie of characters.

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