Thursday, May 12, 2016

Review of Thuvia Maid of Mars

Book #17. Thuvia, Maid of Mars, by Edgar Rice Buroughs. Unabridged audio.

After three Barsoom novels focusing on Virginia calvaryman John Carter and his undying love for Martian Princess Dejah Thoris (reviewed here and here and here), Burroughs changes the focus of this novel. Carter and Thoris make scant appearances in this novel, as center stage is taken by their grown son, Carthoris.

Cathoris arrives in Ptarth, appearing at Thuvia’s court. She is spurning the advances of another man, and despite being in love with the girl himself, his honor will not allow him to pursue his feelings as he is promised to another. Warlord, that he his, Carthoris recognizes her situation and promises her his eternal friendship and help.

But soon after, he meets with his father and other leaders of the different Barsoomian kingdoms, it is reported that Thuvia has been kidnapped. She is held captive by a huge green warrior, but despite the odds against him, he will attempt to rescue his friend, the woman he loves.

Going this direction was important to the storytelling, because Carter had already rescued Thoris more times than seemed reasonable in the first few novels, and the series needed another basic plot. I enjoyed the similarities of this story to the prior ones, but there were enough differences to keep me interested.

I am not sure where the stories go from here, but am interested in reading more. 

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