Thursday, May 26, 2016

Podcast Guest Appearances

Over the last few weeks, I have had the great good pleasure to appear as a guest on a couple of terrific podcasts. There are a few more to be recorded and released in the near future, but here are two that recently came out.

When I visited Atlanta a few months ago for business, I hung out with Michael Bailey for dinner and a visit to a comic book shop. While we chatted at California Pizza Kitchen about comics and the comic industry, Michael hit the recorder on his phone. And that conversation became episode 234 of Michael's excellent Views from the Longbox podcast.

I was also fortunate enough to join Scott McGregor, Sara Tonin, and Beth & Brian Hughes, for an episode of 5-Minute Freak, in which we covered (for waaaayyy more than 5 minutes) the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead. Scott had me on as a fill-in guest for the first episode, and I was glad to be invited back on the show. After the Summer break, when the show returns to TV, I hope to appear again on a few episodes of the podcast.

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