Monday, May 23, 2016

Review of Naked Greed

Book #19.Naked Greed, by Stuart Woods. Unabridged audio.

As always, Stone Barrington lucks into more good fortune in this novel. He steps in to break up a potential mugging, and the fellow he saves turns into a prolific client for Barrington and his law firm. But the man has enemies, including a few in the mob, and they don’t want him (and Barrington) moving into their industry.

Stone’s best friend Dino also had a prominent role in this novel, both as Stone’s friend and as New York’s chief of police. The biggest dramatic moment of the novel involves Dino being shot, and his recovery (spoilers) give great opportunity for character development and some humor.

This is a return to the smaller-scale type of stories that characterized the series in its early years, before Barrington regularly engaged in James Bond-style spy work. Perhaps Woods realized that the stakes were smaller that they had been in the most recent books, as he brought in some of the international characters, even though they didn’t fit neatly into this story. But that being said, I enjoyed the smaller, less “epic” feel of this novel.

As always, actor Tony Roberts does a terrific job bringing all of these characters to life in the audio version of the novel.

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