Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Review of Judge Not

Book #16. Judge Not, by Patricia Flewwelling and Jonathon Parker. Paperback.

This book tells the true story of Jonathon Parker, a businessman who ran afoul of a pair of corrupt and relentless RCMP officers. They say the Mounties always get their man – but what if they go after the wrong one?

This is Parker’s story, as told to Pat Flewwelling. It begins with the investigation into a business partner of Parker, suspected of mob ties. The RCMP agents want Parker to sign a false affidavit against the partner, but he refuses. His life is torn apart by his refusal to participate, and he eventually spends a few years in prison himself. Only the intervention of internal RCMP

The events of the story begin in the 1970s, and I did wonder what took so long for this gripping story to be told, as so much of it takes place in courtrooms. Anticipating that, the author makes sure to include the details of the non-disclosure agreement that Parker had to sign with the RCMP after his release from prison.

What I like about this book is that even though it is a story clearly told form Parker’s perspective, he is not made out to be a perfect saint. His anger and selfishness are not hidden, and his own mistakes are not glossed over. The balanced way that the story is told draws the reader in to the lead character.

Flewwelling does a great job of letting the natural drama of the story drive the narrative. She also does a good job continually keeping us focused only on the events related to the case, reminding us regularly of dates and locations. The story takes place over an extended period, so this is an important part of the story-telling.

Source: I received a signed copy from the author, based on her appearing multiple times with us on the old Book Guys Show podcast. Her works can be found at herwebsite.    

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