Thursday, December 12, 2013

Podcast Marathon

It is final exam season for me at work, and I didn't have any yesterday. This left me some extra time for listening to podcasts and audio books. Here is what I listened to yesterday:

The Tony Kornheiser Show: Daily sports (mostly) show, from a sports station in Washington, DC

Superman in the Bronze Age: Charlie Neimeyer is joined by podcasting luminary Michael Bailey to discuss the interesting story from the 1970s where Jonathan Kent returned from the dead.

Satellite Sisters: Interview show #102 (#2 actually), wherein Lian Dolan speaks with Ian Punnitt about his interesting new book.

Quarter-Bin Podcast: Episode 12. Yes, this is my own show, but I do listen to it when it comes out, just to verify that the sound quality is good, and that no disasters ahppened in the upload / download process. 

Frozen Heat, by "Richard Castle." Narrator Johnny Heller does an excellent job narrating this detective novel.

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