Saturday, December 14, 2013

Book #60: Frozen Heat

Frozen Heat, by "Richard Castle." Unabridged audio.

This is the fourth novel in the series, loosely based on characters from the "Castle" TV show. Actually, it is loosely based on the fictional novel that character Richard Castle wrote in the "Castle" TV show. Many of the characters on the show have analogs in the novels, and though the novels are strong on their own, knowledge of the show helps with the inside jokes and references.

One of the things I like about the series is that the direction is diverging from events of the TV show, of which I am a fan.The story starts with the discovery of a frozen body in a suitcase, and clues from that crime lead to opening an otherwise "cold case" -- the murder years before of Beckett's mother.

The murder of Beckett's mother in the TV show has been an overarching storyline on the show, and this book tackles the subject as well. But in this version, they have moved into a more espionage thriller territory, with spy agencies on both sides of the Atlantic being involved.

There were a few too many cutesy "Firefly" references in this novel, referencing actor Nathan Fillion. But most of the humor in the novel was spot on, and the anonymous author managed to capture the heart of the relationship between Castle and Beckett, disguised as Rook and Heat in the book's universe.

The particulars of this plot were wrapped up nicely, but there are definite openings for the series to continue from where this one left off.

As always, the audio version of this is wonderfully presented by Johnny Heller.

source: public library. 

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