Thursday, December 19, 2013

Guest appearances!

I was asked to appear on a few comic-book podcasts, and all of those episodes were released this past week! I enjoyed these recording, as I got to Skype with some veteran podcasters, and also plug the work that we've been doing over at the Relatively Geeky network.

In episode 20 of Trentus Magnus Punches Reality, I joined host Trentus and another guest, veteran podcaster Michael Bailey. We talked about the story 'Red Son,' which shows what would have happened if that rocket from the exploding planet Krypton had landed in Cold War Russia, instead of Kansas. A good comic, and a good podcast episode.

In episode 21 of Trentus Magnus Punches Reality, the three of us talked this time about a story that proposes a mashup of Batman and Green Lantern. The story, "Batman: In Darkest Night," was not very good, but I think our discussion of it was.

In episode 92 of Just One of the Guys, I joined host Shawn Engel to talk about the 3-issue "Hate Crimes" story arc. These issue, featuring versions of Green Arrow and Green Lantern, tell a very subtle story about racism, politics, pop culture, and the news media.

I have found the podcasting community to be a very welcoming and generous place, and I thank both Trentus and Shawn for inviting me on their show. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

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