Saturday, December 21, 2013

Between audiobooks (4)

I have written before of my habit of listening to a few episodes of PodCastle or Escape Pod in between audiobooks -- short story palate cleansers between novels. I am still waaaay behind (10 months?) on these podcasts), so I listened to a bunch of Podcastles last week, just after Collateral Damage. I listened to these episodes:

PodCastle 224: The Navigator and the Sky, by Ian  McHugh. An grandfather-granddaughter myth, with a Polynesian twist.

PodCastle 228: The Terror of Blue John Gap, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A "journey to the Centre of the Earth" style adventure story. Kind of scary, truth be told.

PodCastle Miniature 71: When the Jack-O-Lanterns want to change their destinies ...

PodCastle 229: The Tonsor's Son, by Michael John Grist.All about shaving and barbers, and other violent stuff. Where else would the world's most famous blades end up, other than barber shops? Gruesome and quirky.

PodCastle 230: Little Better Than a Beast, by T.A. Pratt. Another solid story from Pratt.

PodCastle Miniature 72: The Best Worst Monster, by Peter S. Beagle. Monsters aren't supposed to grow souls, and when they do ...

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