Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome Back, Mister Tony

One of my favorite podcasts is back, after its annual two-month summer hiatus. Since it is a daily show, I actually kind of like taking a few months off every year. It gives me a chance to catch up on my other shows, or audiobooks, or just have a nice family vacation or two.

Technically, the Tony Kornheiser Show is not a podcast -- it is a local radio show, based out of Washington, DC. There are many ways to listen to the show -- it is streamed live, it is released by the local radio station 24 hours after as a podcast, and a few "unofficial" ways to download the show sooner than the 24-hour delay. For sports and news talk, a day late can make a big difference.

Kornheiser mostly talks about sports, although pop culture, music, and politics all find their way into the show. His rotating panel of co-hosts include former Washington Post colleagues (David Aldridge) and political professionals (Torie Clarke).

I am glad that Mr. Tony's show is back.

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