Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adapting Holmes: New Paradigm Comics

The first two issues of the new comic book series Watson & Holmes have recently been released by New Paradigm Publishing. Created by Branson Perlow and Paul Mendoza, the issues are written by Karl Bollers, with art by comics veteran Rick Leonardi and Mendoza.

This is another "modern take" on the character, with two distinctive features. First, the main character is Afghanistan War veteran Watson, now working at an inner-city clinic. Holmes is merely a supporting character. And second, the pair are African-Americans living in Harlem.

I have not read these issues, but Derek Coward of the Indie Comic Noise podcast has. In episode #327 of the show, he talked about the book. He was generally positive, about both the art and the story. I encourage anyone who is interested in the comic to check out that episode of the podcast, on his site or in iTunes.

As Derek pointed out, the strength of Doyle's creation lies in the fact that it can be presented in so many different forms and versions, many of them entertaining.

The comic is available in a wide range of digital formats, and. I am hoping that it will come out as a trade paperback at some time, at which point I would definitely be interested in reading it.


  1. Alan, we have the first 4 issues in B&W in a trade that we made for Kickstarters. The color trade will have 5 issues(5th issue is a epilogue stand-alone story) and be available in December.


    Brandon Perlow
    Publisher -New Paradigm Studios

  2. Thanks for that info, Brandon.