Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New 52 Review: World's Finest, Volume 1

NEW 52 Review: World's Finest,  volume 1: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2, paperback collection of issues  0-5, by Paul Levitz, George Pérez, and Kevin Maguire.

I had heard that this title was among the stronger of the second-wave of titles in DC's New-52 initiative. After reading this volume, I concur.

On an alternate world (known in the comic book world as Earth-2), Apokolips won the war with the heroes. During  the battle, Robin (the daughter of Batman and Catwoman) and Supergirl (Superman's mysteriously younger cousin) are thrown to the "standard" DC version of Earth (Earth-1). They become Huntress and Power Girl, respectively. Power Girl's alter ego (Karen Starr) is a billionaire industrialist, using her role leading Starr Labs to bankroll their crime-fighting, and to research ways to discover a way for them to return home.
Earth-1 is eerily similar to the planet they had left, but with plenty of dangerous and new elements. This gives the story a nice "stranger in a strange land" feel, as well as containing dynamic fight scenes and nice character moments.

The current version of this story takes place five years after their arrival on Earth-1, while much of their backstory is filled in through flashbacks, as well as the entire issue #0.
The artists do some very funny things with Power Girl's uniform, playing with on the history of her infamous uniform in the prior DC continuity.

In terms of sales, this title usually lands right in the middle of DC's sales list. I hope that it levels out at that level, and never falls into the "risk of cancellation" zone.
Source: public library.

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