Monday, September 9, 2013

Podcasting Updates!

The little podcasting network that my daughter and I started up 6 weeks ago has found a little bit of success. We have put out nine episodes ouf our three separate shows:

The Quarter-Bin Podcast. This is my solo show, covering cheap comic books, that I paid no more than 25 cents four. I have released 4 episodes of this.

Uncovering The Bronze Age. This is my daughter's solo show, covering comics from waaay before she was born, the 1970s. The has released 2 episodes of this.

Shortbox Showcase. This is our joint show, where we talk general comic book comics. Our three episodes have covered comic book continuity, alternate universes, and the various "ages" in comic book history.

The episodes are available at the podcast website or via iTunes.

If you are interested in audio, and in comic books, check out the shows.

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