Friday, December 28, 2012

Book #69

Silencer, by James W. Hall. Unabridged audio.

I have become a big fan of Hall's series of novels set in an around the Florida Keys. These feature the main character of Thorn, the recluse who would love his life to consist of nothing more than tying flies and living on the water. In the prior novel, he had the misfortune of inheriting a fortune, and I came to this novel anticipating the effects that his change of financial luck would have on his life.

This novel was one of the weaker Thorn novels, for my taste, and for a simple reason: there was not enough Thorn. Although Silencer revolved generally around a business deal that occurred as a result of Thorn's new riches, this is only a minor plot point. Thorn is kidnapped, and spends most of the novel outside of the main action. And this slack is not picked up by his main co-stars, Sugarman and Rusty, whose involvement is important to the novel, but does not drive the action. The action is driven by a family uncovering (and covering up) a current-day murder that is linked to a 60-year-old political conspiracy.

Plot issues aside, Hall's ability to make the characters and locales around the keys are as good as ever. His ability to write in the "Florida noir" style is very strong. This novel includes a team of brother hit-men, and their characterizations help make up for the lack of Thorn's involvement in the story.

There were some nice character moments between Thorn and Rusty, and I look forward to where their relationship goes next.

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