Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book #62

Simon & Kirby Superheroes, by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby.  

I have reviewed specific  batches of stories from this book on this blog already (with more to come), so I don't need to write a long review on the book as a whole. 

The Simon & Kirby Library are beautiful hardcover collections of the comic legends' work for publishers other than the "Big 2" of Marvel and DC. The series has 4 more volumes, a "best of" and separate volumes covering their Romance, Crime, and Horror stories. 

There were moments in reading these stories that it was clear that these were 50+ years old, but there are also many stories and characters could walk right off the pages into the modern comic world. It is this mix of classic and timeless that demonstrate why Simon & Kirby's creations (most famously Captain America) still work today. Although this collection does not contain any specific character or story that is still relevant today, one can see from the work contained in this volume the same creativity and skill apparent in these "forgotten" stories. I was glad I picked this big book up.

Neil Gaiman's introduction and Jim Simon's essays added context and historical facts, much of which I used for my reviews.

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