Thursday, August 9, 2012

Web-Comic Review: Ace Kilroy

I usually don't review webcomics, but this one has a podcast connection -- half of the creative team is Rob Kelly, co-host of the excellent Fire and Water Podcast.

Kelly & co-creator Dan O'Connor launched Ace Kilroy on Halloween 2011, and his second season (adenture) began on August 6, after a brief summer hiatus.

The strip takes place in 1937, focusing on the adventures of decorated WWI veteran Ace Kilroy, now a working as a soldier of fortune. When FDR hears of Hitler's plans to use monsters in his war efforts, the troubled president commissions Kilroy to investigate. The first season saw Kilroy fighting in Transylvania, and features a terrific blend of historical fiction, pulp adventure, and supernatural fantasy. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these strips.

The second season has just started, but it seems to be leading him headlong into a Frankenstein confrontation. I asusme that the Mummy and Werewolves are on the horizon.

I love the format for this webcomic. During an active "season" (adventure), a black-and-white installment is published every day in traditional 3-panel newspaper format. But the sunday installment of the strip is an exrta-large color strip. This format is a perfect fit for the style and content of the strip. This really hits me right in my nostalgia.

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  1. Hey Alan thanks for the plug! Very much appreciated!