Friday, August 31, 2012

Podcast marathon

No classes during the day + Not much on the DVR = PODCAST MARATHON DAY!

Here is some of what I listened to yesterday:

Dvorak Horowitz Unpplugged -- My favorite business/investing podcast. Columnist John C Dvorak and money manager Andrew Horowitz host. Quite good.

The Mighty Thorcast, episode 58. A married couple talking about Thor comic books, both old and new. They do a very good job.

No Agenda, live stream. Clearly deserving of the self-awarded title "Best Podcast in the Universe!" John C. Dvorak (again) and Adam Curry (formerly of MTV and many other things) host this off-kilter view of politics and current events.

The Newb 52 podcast, episode 2, Part 1. A pair of British hosts, newcomers to comic books, jumped on to DC Comics "New 52" last year, and have recently decided to podcast about it.

Judge John Hodgman, Gavelbangers Ball episode. Comic and author John Hodgman renders "justice" in cases that are brought to him. This case involves metal music, and the strain it can cause in a relationship.

The Sports Retort -- The Wall Street Journal's twice-per-week sports podcast. I listen to only a few sports podcasts, because it is a hard subject to cover well in the play-on-demand model. But this is one of the best sports podcasts around.

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