Saturday, August 4, 2012

Book #44

The Four Streams, by John Eldredge. Unabridged audio.

I listened to this audiobook as this year's "Virtual Class" via the Daily Audio Bible iTunes feed.
In this teaching, Eldredge teaches on the "streams" of counseling, discipleship, warfare, and healing that the Holy Spirit uses in our lives. To clarify, he uses the word "counseling" to mean walking with the Comforter, not specifically getting therapy.

I have not read any Eldredge before, and his style is generally not one that resonates with me. Teaching based on one's personal experience is not as meaningful to me as teaching based on Scripture, and these teachings do occasionally fall into this style. Certainly personal experience is useful as examples, to make a point, but it seems that Eldredge sometimes goes the other way around. But that having been said, I think the core teaching of the streams is valid, and will be helpful for many people.

I do have a fundamental issue with his "your heart is good" teaching, which is the basis of most of his writings, and perhaps his ministry as a whole. But again, I'm glad that I stretched myself to experience this teaching, and I was able to glean valuable information.

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