Friday, August 17, 2012

Book #47

The Pirate King, by Laurie R. King. Unabridged audio.

I have read (listened to the audio, actually) every Mary Russell novel. There have been a few that I liked less than others, but in general, this is an excellent series. These novels represent one of my favorite expansions of the Holmes universe.

In this story, Sherlock Holmes' secretive brother Mycroft conspires to send his sister-in-law Mary Russell to the set of a pirate movie. Working undercover as a secretary to the filmmaker, she investigates a series of crimes that may be related to the production team. Desiring reality the crew, along with a dozen teenaged Englishwomen, head to Portugal to begin filming. They find themselves housed in luxury while the producers make plans to begin filming. But it slowly dawns on Russell that they may have in fact been kidnapped. And that is where the adventure starts.

Despite the fact Russell and Holmes are separated for various parts of the novel, you do get the idea that they are working together, as Holmes' shadow hovers over the portions of the novel when Russell is working solo. And (this is not a spoiler) when Holmes does arrive on the scene, the danger and action heats up nicely.

The characterization of both Russell and Holmes, and of their relationship, are very strong. This is an imaginative series, and this particular novel does not disappoint.
As always, Jenny Stirlin does a terrific job narrating this book.

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