Thursday, June 23, 2011


I wanted to talk about podfading, the sad situation when a podcast simply stops releasing episodes. I am not talking about shows that have a natural ending (podcasts about Heroes, Lost, or Dollhouse, for example) or that have had a legitimate final show (Geekin), but shows that simply stopped producing new episodes. If you have an active feed, is it too much to ask to produce a 5-minute "we're done" episode? Anyway, here are a few of my favorite podfaded shows: About The Church -- a terrific show that lost a co-host in August, and did release a few episodes after that, but has been dormant for 6+ months now. The concept was intriguing -- an evangelical and a mainline Christian having open and transparent discussions about a range of faith-related issues.

Super Future Friends -- hilarious coverage of old issues of the comic book series Legion of Super-Heroes. The hosts, Adriana and Kristen, are fangirls who love the characters but just don't understand Silver Age sensibilities. They did only 6 episodes in 2010, and none since October. I miss the show, but they have been busy putting out their webcomics and artwork, so I still follow what they are doing. If you like comic books at all, and like to laugh at them, download the show.

Axed -- another hilarious show, that basically ended in 2009; they did 3 eps in 2010. Host Will and Aaron covered canceled telivions shows, alternating between news episodes and series review episodes. The news episodes are dated, but still have funny moments. But the series reviews are evergreens, with the Birds of Prey, Flash, and Roar episodes especially funny.

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