Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book #39

Hell's Corner, by David Baldacci. Unabridged audio.

Graveyard caretaker Oliver Stone (formerly CIA assassin John Carr) has been tasked by the president to take on the Mexican drug cartels. But a bomb and shooting across the street from the White House pulls him, a female MI6 agent, and the rest of the Camel Club into a different adventure. This one has gunfights, betrayals, nanobots, and Russian crime lords.

I like the fact that there is logical continuity among the novels in this series, and that there are consequences to past actions -- I am a huge fan of that, in general. The connectedness of the world that Baldacci has made makes reading the novels an immersive experience.

The intricacies of the plot started to wear on me, the cirlces within circles, as did Stone quickly turning into Sherlock Holmes. That was a character development I did not enjoy. Yes, we know he was a world-class assassin, but that does not mean he should have so many moments of intuition and deduction.

A specific comment about the audiobook version: the main reader who portrayed the male characters was able to inject different personalities into the many characters he voices, while I had trouble differentiating the fewer characters that the female reader had to portray.

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