Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book #38

Save Me From Myself, by Brian "Head" Welch. Hardcover.

I saw a presentation by the Whosoevers at Cornerstone 2010. It is a terrific ministry that reaches out to the hurting, especially among teenagers and twenty-somethings. Sonny from POD is involved in the work, as is Brian "Head" Welch, formerly of the huge rock band Korn.

Welch documents his spiritual journey in this memoir, and it is a fascinating journey he takes us on. The style of the prose is not flowery or self-aware, which makes for a pretty quick read. The vulnerability and honesty on display is the strength of the book, as Welch does not seem to be hiding any of his struggles, both pre- and post- conversion. Numerous people in the book are referenced simply by nicknames or initials, and this narrative device lends credence to the notion that he is being honest in all these stories.

Examples of how "the hounds of heaven" were constantly nipping at him throughout his life grounds the rock-n-roll part of his story. He talks about the lessons he has learned, and how his new perspective has informed that part of his life.

I was also interested at the post-conversion part of his story, which takes up maybe a third of the book. His struggles with various churches, as well as detailing his sanctification process, his continued struggles with depression, all gave the impression that he was not interested in whitewashing any part of his hard journey.

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