Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book #17

The Rann-Thanager War, by Dave Gibbons, Ivan Reis & Marc Campos. Graphic Novel.

Certainly most of the comics I read are of the cowl-and-cape type. But I enjoy many of the straight science fictions comics, as well. The GL Corps and Adam Strange are among my favorites DC properties, and I also have fond memories of SF series from the 80s such as Sun Devlis and Spanner's Galaxy.

Now I am usually not a fan of the Hawkworld characters, but I am definitely a fan of Adam Strange, and dug into this tale with high anticipation. And I was not let down.

In typical modern comics storytelling, these six issues could have taken place over four, but then the trade paperback would not have been as salable. But the character development was solid, Gibbons plotting was very strong, and the depiction of the many battles were enjoyable. As a countdown event to Final Crisis, there are implications of this story that were felt across the DC Universe. But this volume works as a solid stand-alone tale, a good sci fi yarn.

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