Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book #16

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, by Spider Robinson. Paperback.

This is a place where the literary and podcast interests converged. Or intersected. Or something like that.

But both my dauhgter and I heard of this book within about a month of each other, via podcats. It may have been the same podcast, it may have been 2 different podcasts, I can't really remember. Slice of SciFi? Dragon Page? Geeks On? Escape pod? It was probably one of these shows, but I can't recall exactly which.

The book is a collection of Robinson's early stories about the magical pub where people (not all of them Earthlings) come to tell their stories. And engage in punfoolery.

Oh, the puns.

The stories themselves are barely science fiction, but focus on character and have a point to make. The stories are a bit dated in their pop culture references, having been written in the mid-seventies, but beyond that (and beyond the puns) are some intriguing and interesting tales.

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