Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Podcast Marathon

So my DVR crashed a few days ago, and so my plans to take yesterday and catch up on my TV pretty much went out the window. But I needed something to do, as I did not have to go to work and it rained most of the day. So it sounded like a good day for a Podcast Listening Marathon! And here is what I listened to:

PrayStation Portable & the BreadCast Listened to these in bed. Morning devotions.

The Break w/ Fr. Roderick A nice transition into the real world.

The Adam Carolla Podcast Being tossed into the deep end of the real world. I appreciate Carolla's point of view, and much of his sense of humor, though sometimes the show can be a bit much for me.

Hope of All Trades #6 A girl geek talking about geeky things. This was Hope and 2 friends talking about how they felt about the novel Twilight. Along with me, they didn't like it. At all. I know it sounds incredibly condescending, but I do worry about women (especially adult women) who find positive messages in these books.

FourCast #70 The premise of this show is smart people kicking around ideas of what will happen in the future. This was a great episode, because the guests had the guts to admit they had no confidence whatsoever. It was refreshing, as the show (which I do enjoy) can sometimes get a little smug.

Superman in the Bronze Age #16 Charlie Neimeyer does a fine job reviewing Superman comics from the early 1970s.

Battleship Pretension #154 One of my favorite podcasts, the only film podcast I listen to. But it is not timely, not news-related, so I am not motivated to catch up on it. I am about a year behind.

Podcast of Ice & Fire #42 A good episode, wrapping up the first novel in the series, as well as covering news from the coming HBO series.

Mostly Photo I watched this one live. It is a video show, so catching it on full-screen matters.

Tech News Today Live audio stream on the TWiT app.

Confessions of an Internet Addict #5 I follow Steph Smith on Twitter, but I took forever before listening to any of her podcasts. Again, I am years behind.

A Couple of Geeks #7 Married couple talking about gaming, TV, and other geeky things. A new offering from the Geekshow.Us podcast network.

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