Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review of The Cat Who Robbed A Bank

Book #29. The Cat Who Robbed a Bank, by Lilian Jackson Braun. Unabridged audio. 

This was a re-read, a book that my entire family could listen to and enjoy during our drive to and from vacation. These are a delightful series of novels, and I have read them all. The nice thing is that enough time has passed that the details of the plot had slipped my mind.

Jim Qwilleran is the richest man in the northern Midwestern United States, and enjoy life in the small town of Pickax. Except for the murders and mayhem that regularly happen in this series of novels. In this one, the victim is a visitor from out of town, who comes in every few years with his assistant to buy and sell high-end jewelry among the upscale Pickaxians. Pickaxites? Either way, Qwill and his mysterious cats solve the case, which does in fact involve a local.

The mystery aspect of the novel was strong, and the series’ sense of humor was also definitely on display. The relationships between Qwill and his neighbors serve as the backdrop for the entire series.

There is a nice moment near the end of introducing a new character, who I know plays a large role in upcoming novels. By re-reading this, I picked up on that nice bit of foreshadowing.

As always, narrator George Guidall does an excellent job bringing these stories to life.

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