Friday, July 18, 2014

Review of All-Star Western 19-21

All-Star Western, issues 19-21. Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Moritat. DC Comics, cover-dated June – August 2013. 

Booster Gold appears from the future in Jonah Hex’s time at the start of issue 19, and he doesn’t exactly know how or why. But he does convince himself that the big star on his superhero costume equips him for the role of Sheriff in the Western town that he’s shown up in. Jonah Hex is not a big fan of any type of law enforcement, and Booster’s carnival garb does not add to Jonah’s confidence in him.

They join forces to recover gold that the Clem Hootkins Gang stole. In issue 21, in the midst of old West chase scene, Booster and Jonah are separated, flung off a cliff, and they are sent through time. Hex lands in the current DC Universe.  But no matter what era he is in, this version of Jonah Hex just does not fit into Gotham City. And in a very reasonable plot point, Jonah ends up (ironically) in the modern-day version of Arkham Asylum.

Moritat’s art continues to be worthy of remark. His distinctive style works well for a story from another age. Along with Cliff Chaing’s work on Wonder Woman, Moritat has produced consistly top-notch work during his run on this title.

These issues  also contain backup tales of a Steampunk-inspired version of Stormwatch, drawn by Staz Johnson.  Continuing the story that began in the prior two issues, Gray and Palmiotti tell the origin story of 19th Century version of Stormwatch. In issue 19, The Master Gunfighter is recruited, and then in the next issues, the entire team, (including Jenny Freedom, Adam One and Doctor Thirteen) battles vampires in the lost city of gold. And it is exactly as fun and entertaining as that sounds.

Source: My daughter and I are purchasing these regularly from various local comic shops.

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