Thursday, July 10, 2014

Podcast Marathon

Summer vacation + recovering from cataract surgery = lots of time to listen to podcasts. Here is what I listened to yesterday:

Strangers & Aliens #131 -- Discussion of Terminators: Age of Extinction. The general consensus was that it was not a good movie, but still may have been the best one so far of the series. Also an interesting discussion of whether toy-based movies whould be made for kids or if it is okay that they are made for adults.

Vault of Startling Monster Horror Tales of Terror #15 -- I am working my way through the back catalog of this horror movie podcast. This episode featured discussion of the John Carpenter movie "Ghosts of Mars."

Superman in the Bronze Age  #110 -- Charlie Neimeyer talked about Superman #333. 

DH Unplugged #231 -- I learned bunches listening to this "mail bag grab bag" episode.  

 The Babble On Project #054 -- A terrific re-watch podcast of the terrific TV show Babylon 5. This episode went in-depth on the two Season 5 episodes "The Corps is Mother, The Corps if Father," and "Meditations of the Abyss." I didn't quite finish up this 3.5+ hour long episode. 

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