Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Podcast Awards ballot

I will be voting daily in the Podcast Awards, until the balloting closes on November 15.

Here are the shows I will be voting for -- in some categories, I am listing alternative options, because in those categories, there are multiple shows that I am a fan of, and want to give them all their appropriate "shout-outs."

People's Choice:  Two of my favorite podcasts are nominated here, No Agenda, and Satellite Sisters. I have been listening to both of these shows for years, and you can't go wrong with either one, so I equally support both. But I'll vote for the Satellite Sisters, by a whisker.

Business: DH Unplugged. The absolutely best business and finance podcast available.

Culture/Arts I have been a long-time fan of Sword & Laser, so they are my first choice, but Major Spoilers is also very good.

Education: Grammar Girl is my first choice, although the History Chicks is very good, as well.

Entertainment: A Podcast of Ice and Fire, covering the George RR Martin books, and occasionally the related TV show, is a terrific podcast, getting better every episode. They won a Geekie Award earlier in the year, a well-deserved honor.

General: Satellite Sisters. 5 real-life sisters, talking about anything and everything. Lian Dolan is one of the sisters, and I have written about her podcasts and books on this site before.

Politics/News: No Agenda. A journalist and a former MTV DJ, analyzing the news and the media coverage of it. A great show.

Religion Inspiration: This is one of the topics where I was familiar with a lot of the nominees. I will be voting for Tyler Smith's film criticism show More Than One Lesson, although the The Break w/ Father Roderick is a terrific show, and the Sci-Fi Christian is very solid, as well.

Technology: This is another category where I am familiar with many of the nominated show. I am voting for The Waves of Tech, because I like what these "little guys" have been able to build over the years. Obviously, This Week in Tech is a very slick, professional podcast, and The Audacity to Podcast is a terrific show about the details of podcasting.

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