Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Book #53: Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too!

Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too, by Michael Showalter. Paperback

I always thought of myself as a cat fella, or a cat dude, or a cat man. But none of those terms quite reflect how I viewed myself viz-a-viz the felines in my life. But now I know ... I am a Cat Lady Guy.

In his delightful and surprisingly informative book, comedian and actor Michael Showalter walks through the steps for any fellow to become a better-than-average cat caretaker. Every step of the process is covered, moving us from Beginner Cat to Intermediate Cat, all the way to Advanced Cat.

He gives key insights about what your cat is thinking about (eating and kocking things over), what your cat dreams about (eating and knocking things over), and what your cat's greatest hopes and dreams are (world domination, eating, and knocking things over, with the occassional 14-hour nap thrown in).

The writing is funny enough, but the charts and pictures are the highlight of the book. Pie charts, photos, quizzes, and diagrams are integrated into the book very nicely.

This book is a quick read, because it is so fun to read. Highly recommended for anyone owned by their cat, or anybody who would like to be.

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